Playing soccer on synthetic turf has many advantages, including:

  • consistent performance
  • all-weather
  • low level of maintenance
  • suitable for intensive use

The performance of a field depends on the components used, how they are tufted, and how the surface is installed and maintained. The current generation (3G) of artificial grass pitches closely replicates the playing and performance qualities of natural turf and the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf serves to provide a global standard for manufacturers and installers to adhere to.

Innovations in the field of fibers and systems rightly ensure that the use of synthetic turf is growing for soccer around the world. Selection of the right components is essential though; it is all about balancing the needs of the facility and its stakeholders.

Whether you need a high-performance fiber for an elite-level stadium pitch, a highly durable fiber for a frequently-used community field or something in between to create the perfect surface for your client, the TenCate Grass product range provides a suitable solution for every need.

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