18 Apr 2016

Non infill synthetic turf system for Ballerup Idrætspark

Ballerup Idrætspark, home of Ballerup (Denmark), has recently acquired an indoor facility on the basis of a synthetic turf system without infill: Revolution ©. It is a development based on TenCate synthetic turf fibers and backing. The system meets the requirements of a FIFA Two Star certificate.

Infill, these are the small grains in a synthetic turf system, just like the artificial grass fiber and backing all three elements combined determine the quality of the artificial turf. Infill provides cushioning and a secure surface with the desired technical characteristics. The infill material can be, inter alia, sand, TPE (plastics), natural infill (coir or cork) and whether or not coated granulate rubber (SBR). Sometimes the players experience (excessive) plastic or rubber infill as annoying. Another facts that can be experienced as annoying is the smell of rubber during high temperatures, the grains can sit in the profile of the traditional artificial turf football shoe and can, over time, be relatively hard.

Without infill

TenCate also supplies components for Football Turf without infill. In such a system, the TenCate XP Blade ™ fiber is supported by a crimped fiber. Therefore, the pile weight of the fiber will be higher, but the total weight of the infill-free mat is lower. A non-infill synthetic turf system is easier to install and to maintain. Nurteks, a customer of TenCate Grass in Turkey and installer of synthetic turf systems, has developed a non- infill artificial turf field with synthetic turf fibers of TenCate: Revolution ©. It meets the requirements for the FIFA Two Star-certificate. Such a system has recently been installed in the Ballerup Idrætspark.

Fire safety

Ballerup Idrætspark is a stadium in Ballerup, northwest of the Danish capital Copenhagen. It is the home of the local football club Ballerup-Skovlunde Fodbold. Due to tighter regulations in regards to fire safety the indoor training facility had to be adapted. In relation to the new regulations the club decided to install a synthetic turf system without infill. The system also had to meet FIFA 2 Star certification requirements and be sufficiently fireproof. The choice fell on the non-infill system © Revolution. Nurteks Halı Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi used two types of synthetic turf fibers of TenCate, and a high-quality TenCate Thiobac backing for the best playing characteristics. The field was produced in October 2015 and (along with an outdoor field with infill) in installed during November and December and was yielded afterwards.

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