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Through its group-owned companies, TenCate Grass is able to further extend its expertise and components into the design, production and supply of synthetic turf surfaces and the installation and maintenance of artificial grass systems.

In the same way that TenCate Grass customers around the world benefit from quality synthetic turf fibres and primary backings, investment in research and development and long-standing strategic partnerships, these group-owned companies are proudly “A TenCate Grass Company”.


GreenFields develops, produces, supplies and installs innovative synthetic turf systems in collaboration with and as part of TenCate Grass. With a large, international presence, operations in the USA, Europe, the UK and the Far East, and strong strategic sales partnerships, GreenFields ranks among the frontrunners in the synthetic turf market across a variety of sports applications, including hockey and football.


For more than 36 years, TigerTurf has led the way in the design and manufacture of quality artificial grass surfaces for sports, leisure and landscaping. With production facilities in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA and an established global supply chain, TigerTurf utilises innovative manufacturing processes to create and deliver a comprehensive range of synthetic turf to customers in over 85 countries.

TigerTurf is a FIFA licensed supplier and maintains close affiliations with World Rugby, the ITF, FIH and World Bowls as well as with various regional and national sports governing bodies.



Having been acquired by TenCate Grass in February 2017, CSC Sport is a specialist contracting company experienced in the design and installation of football, hockey and multifunctional sports fields.

Founded by Theo and André Ceelen, CSC Sport is a leader in the Dutch sports surfaces market with the capability to construct high quality synthetic sports fields to meet the needs of clubs, schools, facility owners and players. Innovation is the power of CSC Sport.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse

SGW is the exclusive supplier of TigerTurf in the USA and also supplies and installs a wide portfolio of quality synthetic turfs for landscaping across North and South America. Having worked closely with TigerTurf and TenCate Grass for many years, SGW was acquired into the group in April 2016 strengthening the existing partnership.


OPSA was founded in 1975, making it the first sports facilities construction company in Spain. Its references include more than 3,000 projects across different sports, pioneering the application of most of the systems currently used in top-level competition.

The knowledge and experience of OPSA staff are recognised in the industry, demonstrating reliability and a performance gurarantee on all completed projects. OPSA also has a vast fleet of specialised equipment for the installation of quality sports surfaces.

OPSA became part of the TenCate Grass group in September 2017.


Challenger Turf is one of America’s largest suppliers of landscape and related turf products. In addition to traditional landscape turf, Challenger owns significant market share in the fast-growing pet and golf niches. Challenger has employed TenCate Grass yarns almost exclusively in making its turf products; GreenFields also uses Challenger for tufting and coating of its US-made products.  This synergy led to the acquisition of Challenger by TenCate Grass in February 2018 and provides TenCate Grass Americas with full vertical integration in the manufacturing process.

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