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Johan Cruyff Foundation & TenCate Grass

Founded by the legendary football player Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Foundation is regarded as a major authority on sports for children and related community projects.

Cruyff Courts are the modern alternative of a village green, which would traditionally be found in many neighbourhoods, but has over the years been sacrificed due to urbanisation and expansion. Cruyff Courts provide a safe place where local children can play sport and, through the cooperation of the local council, schools, sports clubs and local businesses, Cruyff Courts also hold an important social function in the neighbourhood. Since 1997, the Cruyff Foundation has built more than 230 Cruyff Courts in the Netherlands and abroad.

TenCate Grass has been a partner of the Cruyff Foundation since 2003, with Cruyff Courts manufactured using TenCate Tapeslide® XP® and a TenCate Grass primary backing. These components are selected for their durability, resilience and quality and provide a safe, multi-purpose surface that will withstand the frequency of use needed for a Cruyff Court over many years.

2017 sees a new dimension to this partnership by linking Field in a box with the guiding principles of the Cruyff Courts to provide a unique, turnkey solution that will create access to sport for children and communities around the world. The first of these projects was completed in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2017.

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