18 Jul 2016

Water, artificial grass and innovation, a constant challenge

As TenCate Grass is part of Royal TenCate we have a diverse range of expertise across a number of different divisions including Protective Fabrics, Advanced Components, Armor, and Geosynthetics. TenCate have over the years excelled in land and water management so not just protecting against water but also processing it in a controlled manner. Water permeability is therefore not an issue, as evidenced by the fact that TenCate with its solutions for artificial grass systems remains well within the standards.

TenCate will continue to investigate artificial turf drainage. The water permeability is determined at the base as soon as an artificial turf mat is tufted and is provided with a backing. As soon as a turf system is manufactured and eventually come off its backing plant, there are drainage holes formed therein. Then the drainage capacity of the turf is measured and compared to the standard specified for each field type. The standard for football is more than 180mm per hour and hockey, more than 150mm. The values measured by TenCate Grass are several times higher, for example, more than 3000mm per hour. Whereas the standard for drainage of a water based pitch for hockey is completely different.

TenCate Grass continues to invest heavily in researching the drainage of artificial turf. The rate of permeability on artificial turf is only one aspect of water drainage, the success of drainage is the sum of a number of system components such as substructure.

So for optimum water discharge, you have to bring all the components of your research together. This in itself is a difficult task, since there is no general standard for testing the total drainage of a synthetic turf system. TenCate is ahead. A position that we would like to maintain, and for that reason we have developed a representative and consistent method to measure the complete drainage of our own turf systems.

The knowledge, expertise and many years’ experience that TenCate Grass has in house has shown that local water management and local water management of a field may affect the water permeability. Our changing climate is also a factor and should not be underestimated, as in other countries with different climates we would have to conduct further research.

The fact is that there are no standard answers to the many questions that arise continuously. Science does not stand still, and the market neither. TenCate Grass therefore will continually identify what is required by the market connecting the end-user with technological innovations and numerous product differentiations.

The Woven Innovation

TenCate Grass has seen a clear trend in the demand for long-term field performance. The combination of long warranty with increased field usage plays a central role and therefore it is of great importance that the fibres are securely fastened to the backing to maximise performance. The weaving technology from TenCate allows a number of synthetic turf fibres to be combined and positioned randomly in the top layer. This patented 3D synthetic turf technology from TenCate ensures that the synthetic turf fibres remain even more firmly upright, increasing ball speed and resulting in optimum ball characteristics and playing performance.

The weaving production process makes it possible to jointly use materials from the same product family (polypropylene and polyethylene). This means that it is possible for multiple key characteristics to support the system, for instance, the product is 100% fully recyclable and meets FIFA standards because of the freedom in design and use of materials. Also, players can get their feet under the ball more easily on this pitch thanks to the new woven construction.

Unlike traditional tufted technology, this new weaving technology makes it possible to weave the yarns into each structure and with varying distances into the pitch, thus preventing the formation of stripes. This will give the pitch a more natural appearance but will also enhance ball behavior. The new matrix weaving pattern also has a positive effect on the rotational resistance of the player’s feet.

To find out more visit www.tencate.com or www.greenfields.eu or watch our latest videos on www.tencate.tv and www.greenfields.tv.

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