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TenCate Grass produces high-grade materials using advanced production methods and which are manufactured in conformity with Dutch and international standards. This provides a guarantee for a high-quality final result and an excellent level of service. Moreover, TenCate Grass components meet strict environmental, safety and protection requirements.

TenCate Grass is committed to the safety of businesses and individuals using our artificial turf products and also takes maximum care to ensure that its products do not have any harmful effects on public health and the environment.

We test all of our components, especially in connection with the environment and personal safety. There are no indications from our own testing or from third party tests that any risks related to the use of our products for synthetic grass surfaces exist.

We welcome any and all (internal or third party) tests on our products regarding personal safety and/or environmental impact. TenCate Grass constantly strives for safety and protection which is a leading factor for the development of new products.

Contractors may use TenCate Grass products with supplementary components from third parties for synthetic grass installations. Whilst this limits our full control on the final product, we encourage our business partners to work to approved quality programmes to ensure that systems are installed, tested and maintained in accordance with the highest standards.

Information regarding the origin of components used in synthetic sport pitches must be readily available to its users. For access to this information for TenCate Grass components, please contact us.


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For more information or if you have any questions about TenCate Grass, please contact us.

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