Synthetic turf and hockey form an inseparable combination. In 1975, the FIH was the first sports federation to permit their sport to be played on synthetic turf. They have since continued to lead the way in developing a Quality Programme for Hockey Turf to ensure that hockey is played on quality, safe surfaces around the world.

Three main types of synthetic turf pitches are used for hockey – water-based, sand-based and sand-dressed surfaces. TenCate Grass has a variety of synthetic turf fibres and backings available for each of these types of hockey surfaces which have all been designed with player safety and sports performance in mind.

As the game of hockey has become faster and more technical, and the expectation of players increases, there has also been a greater need for durable, high quality, safe synthetic turf hockey pitches. The TenCate Grass product range provides different characteristics to ensure a suitable solution for every need and has been created to ensure an artificial grass product could meet FIH quality standards.

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