12 Jan 2018

Earth is calling… And TenCate Grass has a solution

On 8th January, more than 600 delegates attended Rode Loper 2018 in Hengelo. The event was organised by the region of Twente to give local entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to share how they are contributing towards the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Agreed in 2015 by 193 world leaders, the Global Goals set out 17 focus areas that if met by 2030 would see an end to poverty, inequality and climate change.

TenCate Grass were represented at Rode Loper 2018 by Marc Ganzeboom, Senior Sales Manager GreenFields, who was interviewed on stage by Sandy Nijhuis, event moderator, about TenCate Field in a boxTM.

(Image Source: Rode Loper 2018) 

Field in a box is a complete artificial grass system that links sport with social, educational and economic aims. This concept was created using the Global Goals as its foundation, making it an ideal solution to the question posed at Rode Loper 2018 of how businesses in Twente can answer the call of Mother Earth.

Marc talked about the aims and concept behind Field in a box and shared case studies of some completed projects. The discussion between Sandy and Marc also focused on how Field in a box is an excellent turnkey solution for companies who want to provide CSR opportunities that support community development through grassroots sport. As an example, on an international level, FedEx have already delivered on this opportunity by selecting Field in a box for CSR projects in Spain and Poland.

Field in a box is made up of four standard facilities: an easy-to-install playing field, fencing, lighting, and a multi-purpose shipping container that can be converted into changing rooms, a community centre, an education facility or more. This complete solution allows organisations to deliver a top-class project to communities who benefit not only from the sports facilities but who can also use Field in a box to enable and facilitate programmes aimed at improving education and healthcare and supporting local leadership and community development.

If you would like more information on how Field in a box could help your organisation meet the challenge of the Global Goals, please contact Marc Ganzeboom, m.ganzeboom@tencate.com.

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