10 Feb 2020

Status update: construction GBN Artificial Grass Recycling B.V. (GBN-AGR)

Arrival of the recycling installation for artificial grass in the port of Amsterdam final

On 7 January 2020, GBN-Artificial Grass Recycling (GBN-AGR) received the final permit for recycling end-of-life artificial grass at their new location in the Westelijk Havengebied in Amsterdam, which is currently under construction.

With the granting of this license, GBN-AGR can make the last provisions for finalising the first operational circular processing plant for old artificial grass in the Netherlands. After months of intensive testing, the construction of the factory halls has started, and the installation of the recycling facilities is imminent. The factory is expected to open its doors mid-April this year.

The opening of the factory means that municipalities, sports clubs and other organizations can now recycle end-of-life artificial grass in a sustainable way.

GBN-AGR is an independent company that is managed by GBN Group, a Dutch company for processing raw materials and residual materials. Together with chain partners Antea Sport, Edel Grass, Sports & Leisure Group and Domo Sport Grass, TenCate Grass and its subsidiaries GreenFields and CSC Sport have enabled the establishment of GBN-AGR with the aim of recycling artificial grass into high-quality circular raw materials that can be reused in industry and in the construction of new artificial grass pitches.

In order to guarantee clients and buyers of circular raw materials a fully transparent and high-quality process , the KIWA agency is appointed to certify the facilities’ circular processing of the artificial grass.

Due to the large amount of artificial grass pitches that needs to be recycled, GBN-AGR already started last year with storing old artificial grass pitches at temporary locations in Hoorn and Amsterdam. These fields have now been transferred to the new recycling plant in the Westelijk Havengebied and will be the first to be recycled. With this our sector starts to responsibly reuse old artificial grass pitches.

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