TenCate Grass has developed an innovative new product, TenCate Accorder®, which provides a firm base layer for high-quality artificial grass systems. TenCate Accorder consists of a durable geotextile module that is approximately seven centimetres deep and divided into dozens of equal-sized compartments per square metre. These compartments are then filled with local re-usable soil.

This new compact base layer is a very stable subsurface for playing sports and also has additional benefits during the field construction process. On site, much less soil has to be dug away, which saves time as well as excavation and transport costs, whilst drastically reducing the system’s carbon footprint.

TenCate Accorder:

  • Is a base construction method using existing materials
  • Uses locally-available soil materials for filling pockets
  • Reduces Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and/or provides more value in the top layer
  • Is patented


  • Cellular confinement with a fixed floor compartment
  • Lowering costs of installation
  • Extremely solid base
  • Lower CO2 emission
  • Often, local soils can be used
  • For traditional (vertical) and lateral drainage
  • Quick installation
  • Extremely useful in areas where proper sub base material is not available
  • Strong but lightweight material
  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Suitable for sport, landscaping and geotextile
  • 100% recyclable

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