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TenCate Field in a box is a complete artificial grass system that links sport with social, educational and economic aims through the provision and installation of a unique, turnkey system for disadvantaged or isolated areas around the world. Field in a box provides access to quality, safe, sustainable sports and educational facilities that can help to boost employment and strengthen a local community.

At the heart of Field in a box is the Triple P principle, which considers how sustainable development is a balance between the elements of People, Prosperity and Planet. This bottom-up approach of supporting a community through grassroots development, allows global organisations to work in partnership with the local population to facilitate economic progress and to improve education, health care, infrastructure and the emancipation of minorities and vulnerable groups.

To bring the Field in a box system to those who will benefit the most, TenCate Grass is working in partnership with non-governmental organisations, such as streetfootballworld and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Field in a box is made up of four standard facilities:

  • Easy-to-install playing field
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
  • Multi-purpose shipping container that can easily be converted into a community centre, meeting room, education facility, and more.

Optional facilities can also be added and include:

  • GreenSource for water filtration
  • Outdoor fabrics for fencing and roofing covers and signage
  • Customised printing for outdoor fabrics
  • LED lighting

Field in a box has already been installed in countries around the world, including Spain, Poland and South Africa.


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