A synthetic turf system is built up from a number of different components that all play a vital role in the overall performance of a system. This performance is mostly determined by two parameters: playing characteristics and durability. The relation between these parameters heavily depends on the application for the synthetic turf pitch.

For a typical community field or 5-a-side pitch, durability is more important than the playing characteristics. However, an elite-level football club would prefer optimal playing performance.

The system components and their interaction, together with the turf construction, installation and maintenance, determine how a system will perform. This makes the right choice of components essential; it is all about balancing the needs of the facility owner and the end-users.

In order to describe the performance of a synthetic turf pitch, various different classifying features are used and these are often determined by the quality standards set out by the different global sport associations, such as FIFA, FIH and World Rugby.

Field in a box

Field in a box is a complete artificial grass system that links sport with social, educational and economic aims through the provision and installation of a unique, turnkey system for disadvantaged of isolated areas around the world.

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