Technology & Innovation

Based on cooperation between partners from the chain, the objective of the Bio2HighTex project is to reduce the use of fossil raw materials and jointly search for sustainable innovative product solutions.

The unique feature of Bio2HighTex is that the worlds of Agro and HighTech come together through this project to reinforce each other, resulting in innovative products and processes aimed at creating a sustainable future.

TenCate Grass focuses on making components and their applications in the artificial turf market more sustainable. For instance, the development of hybrid fibers (e.g. bio-plastics) for a multitude of applications.

Looking at the artificial grass market, there are virtually no bio-based materials used for the production of synthetic grass fibres. Also the infill material in an artificial turf system, which, amongst other components, determines the sliding-friendliness and playability, is most-frequently a synthetic material, with few bio-based options available.

Within the project scope of Bio2HighTex, TenCate Grass wants to develop more sustainable components to be used within artificial turf systems by considering the application and combination of natural, raw, bio-based, hybrid materials with various polymers. In this way, the benefits of these materials combined can create unique and innovative ways of improving the sustainability of products and components, thus resolving a widely-affecting social issue.

The operational programme (OP) “EFRO East Netherlands” is a joint funding programme of the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel and is working on structural reinforcement of the economy. Eastern Holland puts the EFRO resources in promoting innovation and low carbon footprint economy. The goal is that more Eastern Dutch SMEs increase turnover with new products.

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