Here we share our knowledge and expertise, to further improve the playability and durability of synthetic turf systems. This way, all can benefit, which brings us closer to our aim of enabling everyone to play.

The next generation of synthetic turf: TenCate Grass strongly believes in the future of non-fill systems

Non-fill systems closely resemble natural grass, both in terms of player experience as well as in looks. Player testing indicates they are closer in feel and playing experience to natural grass than rubber infilled systems. They also offer enormous sustainability advantages. We’d like to further explain them.

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Synthetic turf recycling: explaining GBN AGR

Co-founding the first recycling plant in the Netherlands was our first step towards circularity. And we aim to use the learnings to expand worldwide. In a video, GBN AGR explains their recycling process.

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The TenCate Grass perspective on water usage in hockey

Since demand for synthetic turf is growing, we believe sustainability becomes more important. Endorsing the phase out of microplastics, we work hard to develop natural infills and non-fill systems.

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How TenCate Grass approaches with the ban on intentionally added microplastics

Reduce, Reuse, Remove, is our credo. With this 3R-approach we are on a mission to develop systems that do not require water and still offer excellent playing characteristics. We’re sharing our plans on how to get there.

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